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Originally from Hayle, Cornwall, Lisa has been painting for over 20 years and draws great inspiration from her travels.  Her endeavours in the art world began to gain momentum after a move to Norway through local exhibitions and commissions.  Three years of private one to one art tuition followed after the next move to Oman and on return to the UK,  Lisa undertook an ‘Art Interpretation’ course at Gray’s School of Art which encouraged her to experiment and began to pave the way to her current style.


The spectacular scenery which surrounds Lisa on Royal Deeside bears a huge presence within her work, most notably the ethereal quality light possesses as it is cast upon landscapes and seascapes.  Working in oils, Lisa focuses on the creation of dramatic skies and whimsical portrayals of mountains, lochs and the sea atop fine linen board and plywood panels. She strives to capture nature’s beauty by balancing hues and manipulating brushstrokes, creating light and depth by exposing the layers beneath, until the image emerges.


Having grown up on the coast, Lisa is drawn to the sea in particular.  Taking her inspiration from the stunning Outer Hebrides, the dramatic seas, islands and white sandy beaches inform her work and provide a reference for her colourful portrayals of this stunning location.  She is never without her camera or sketchbook on her adventures, gathering plenty of inspiration to work on from her Deeside based studio.


Lisa has been involved in many charity exhibitions locally over the last 10 years and is known for her vibrant contemporary pieces.








Member of the Scottish Artists Union

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